garage flooring villa rica

Garage flooring Villa RicaGarage flooring Villa Rica?

You bet!  Not only do we install garage flooring in Villa Rica, we install in the entire area west of Atlanta. Our garage floor epoxy / polyurea / polyurethane coating systems are top of the line, industrial products. And that’s why we are the only company in the Villa Rica area that offers The strong warranty that we do.

Now imagine, an epoxy garage flooring system installed in your Villa Rica home, that’s not only attractive, but also easy to clean. And one that also enhances your lighting. A seamless floor that can withstand abrasion and chemical attack. Now how about a high performance coating system like this installed and being able drive on it 48 hours later.
Garage flooring Villa Rica, GA.  Well, that’s what Decorative Concrete Solutions can do for you.

The proprietary epoxy we use is the reason we can provide you with such a strong warranty and an awesome “coating system”. Our garage flooring Villa Rica epoxy not only bonds chemically on top of your concrete. All epoxies do that. Ours also “wicks” deep into concrete for an internal bond as well. Because of this garage floor epoxy proprietary wicking technology, it will withstand 8-10 pounds of moisture vapor emissions while most epoxies fail at 3 lbs of moisture vapor. What does this mean? It can handle your hot tires and won’t peel or flake off your floor like some inferior products will.  GUARANTEED!

Surely you have some questions.  Contact us today.  We’re here to help!

Garage Flooring Villa Rica

Garage Flooring Villa Rica

Epoxy garage Flooring Villa Rica
Garage Floor epoxy villa Rica